Thursday, February 27, 2014

Self Portrait: February

I admit it. When I get involved in something, I can't just be involved. I have to consume myself with the subject. I have to obsess over it and tell my sister, my mom and Mike (in that order) about my plans...all three of them in a matter of hours. I have to know every detail, in fact, I have to be the one planning all the details. It's a blessing and a curse. I get shit done. Then I get burned out. After a week off and a marathon of Netflix,* I'm back at it.

This month hasn't produced much in the way of crafts or projects. It has, however, confirmed some wonderful friendships and the start a few others. It's given me the potential to make things happen. Big things.
It's flexed my networking, emailing and following up muscles, which I tend to not really enjoy flexing. And it's tested my strength to take a few blows to my heart and soul.

It's been an exciting month, and while I may not have eight boxes of felt sushi or a refinished piece of furniture to show for it, I have some fun brainstorming sessions over brews, lists (and illustrations) of great ideas and a growing knowledge to add to my repertoire that is better than a box of felted food.

*BBC's Sherlock, Sons of Anarchy, Cheers, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, House of Cards...just to name a few.