Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Self Portrait: January

I started this year off with an extremely positive attitude and overwhelming ambition for 'betterment.' Maybe it was the extra vacation days, or all the cold medicine. I realized I was not in that search for a deeper meaning of how to be a better me, but doing a few things better to make life simpler. I defined some goals for 2016 that 'bettered' some of my ongoing practices throughout 2015. The list wasn't long, or necessarily interesting or even tough, but looking at it now, it is important to me.

  • Better organization when it comes to my freelance work. Especially tracking hours and billing clients (every small business's least favorite thing). 
  • A better commitment to Fairview Place. Growing my felt flower following and spending time on this long lost blog I've regretfully abandoned.
  • Better communication. Work emails to birthdays, just being responsive and responsible to remember the importance of everyone and their time.
  • A better brand! Figuring out how Fairview Place fits into my growing freelance business. New logo, website and idea to the approach of a comprehensive design business.

Somehow I've ended up spending the whole month of January coordinating, prioritizing, researching and stalking social media for inspiration for my plan of attack. And what do I have to show for it? Lots of lists (of course). Lots of ideas, plans, fun projects, exciting freelance on the horizon, and rewarding blogs to come . . . including the return of my first Self Portrait of 2016 . . . days late. 'Betterment' first, 'timeliness' second.