Monday, February 15, 2016

Transformation Tuesday

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good deal and a good DIY. A few years back I found this tea cart at an estate sale in Norfolk. I gave it a clean coat of white paint and used it for parties in our backyard and planting and displaying (real) flowers. Last week, I decided it was in need of another makeover for my Pop Up Flower Shop at Kitsch. As luck would have it, I had a can of gold spray paint under the sink (intended for some plastic animals...let's just call that project a #pinterestfail) so the tea cart transformed into the Flower Cart.

The cart (along with a few wooden crates) was the perfect display for Saturday. Simple and cute. It didn't allow for a lot of product, which I'm always guilty of bringing. I was able to incorporate a gold, metal record album holder (holding the brooches) that I had been hoarding in the basement, along with the cutest miniature Ball jars we got as a wedding present (holding the mini flowers on the bottom shelf).

The Pop Up Shop went really well! Lots of people came out and built bouquets, which was very exciting. And I got to meet some Fairview Place Fans, which is always inspiring! Plus, I was able to talk to the shop owner for a while and got several new leads on shops, blogs and podcasts to follow. I've decided to apply for the Crafted Indie Art and Craft Market, which is debuting a new Spring show in April. Wish me luck!