Monday, February 29, 2016

Self Portrait: February

There were a many highlights of February, but of course one stood out among the rest: Girls Weekend. Obviously vacations are needed every once in a while, but this one was needed for so many reasons. 

First and foremost, I needed a serious recharge. My day job has been exceedingly tough lately. That burnout feeling was starting to creep in, and once he makes his appearance it's hard to come back without a major change and/or reset. The warm California sun, fresh Pacific air, early nights to bed, walking, running and biking was enough to revive my mind and body to that happy place again. 

New insight. As a designer, creative, maker, doer, you’re a constant sponge of the world around you. I'm lucky enough to live in an energized art community, but a week in another area with a BOOMING art scene at every corner creates a whole new inspired agenda.

It was amazing to another chance to visit with my Great Aunt Eileen, who has been an inspiration to me and my sister for so many years. From the time she spent as a Navy Wave (US Naval Woman's Reserve) to overcoming a harsh marriage, moving across country in her Buick Skylark convertible with a friend to becoming a successful artist and teacher, photographing Tyrone Powers and marrying the love of her life at 40 years old, this woman gave new meaning to courageous time and time again. On the cusp of her 96th birthday next month her mind wanders, but her one-liners and charisma still shine through. 

As every year passes, life fluctuates in its complexity. A time or specific matter seems so significant one year, but so very trivial the next. Having this time with your loved ones is what it’s all about. Build memories. Treasure your sister’s amazing city navigating and planning skills. Listen to stories. Encourage your Mom to ride a bike (but not in traffic). Act a little weird. Indulge your inner foodie. Do the things that bring you the utmost joy, because 96 will be here before we know it.