Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello Ohio.

Ohio in the summer is a treat. We typically visit in the cold months, around the holidays, so enjoying the outdoors, my parents' backyard, dinner and drinks on their deck, several rounds of bocce ball - and even golf - is usually not on the agenda. This time we took full advantage. And we even taught Mike the mid-west ways of Euchre.

I got to reminisce about my nerdy self at age eight and my love of Abraham Lincoln. My mom found this beloved paper doll set that we bought on a girls trip (yes, my choice for a girls weekend to Springfield, Illinois). Then we had to determine just what the 16th president was doing in downtown we did:

Knowing Mike's love of milkshakes, we made a stop at Milk and Honey. My Boston Cooler (i.e. rootbeer float milkshake) was exactly how I remember them from high school. And Mike's concoction of Oreo ice cream, caramel and chocolate syrup was to his liking as well.

We made our very first stop at the infamous Troll Hole Museum - you can see more about that here. Most importantly we attended the wonderful wedding of two wonderful people, Jilly Bean and Trey. Noting beats a mid-West wedding with lots of (choreographed) dancing!