Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Musebles


You can imagine my disbelief when Mike and I went to the UVA vs. William & Mary game and I saw Ball State (my alma mater) on UVA's schedule. However, I had to wait two years for this game to actually happen. We were luckily enough to be given tickets by a good friend for Mike's birthday and made the trip up to Charlottesville on Friday.

The last (and first) time I tailgated for a BSU game, there was a slip-and-slide, beer pong, flip cup and not one second of actually watching the game. While we did tailgate this time, it was much more low-key with mimosas, breakfast and a some good conversation (my, how times have changed!).

Best part about the day? Ball State won! In a big defeat of 48-24, we pretty much dominated for the afternoon. I know the sea of UVA people around us probably didn't appreciate my cheering for Cards, but hey, it's probably my last chance of seeing them for another 6 years (ew, I've really been out of college for that long?).