Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Great Halloween (Costume) Debate

Not once in my life has it been three days before The Halloween Party and I haven't had a costume. Not once. Until now. I don't know what it is this year, but I'm just not into it. Crazy, I know. I think it's partly because this is the first time in five years we are hosting the party. It may also be because Halloween is still six days from the party...or that we've been on the go, and we'll be driving home from William & Mary Homecoming right into the party.

Or maybe because the beau ordered a Superman costume without telling me and I'm still grumpy.

Whatever the reason, I still don't have anything to wear and am debating about six options at this point.

A costume that would be warm, comfortable and completely effortless? Plus, it has a bag as a must-have accessory? Quadruple bonus! 

A dead bride. This would be much cuter if I had a dead groom to match. And perhaps a real wedding ring to make the scenario complete ;)

I have wanted to be one of Martha Stewart's adorable lambs for YEARS. However, I have not wanted to sew or make the furry leotard, well, ever. 

I came across this idea just last week and I love it! The trick will be finding a bright yellow dress in October...

Or, just go for the classic witch in my favorite black dress, tights and heels. So, what are your thoughts? What are you dressing up as? Have any other great last minute ideas?