Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Musebles

Pleasant surprise from Emily. A thank you gift for her visit last month.
Can't wait to start a project (or find one in the trash) for these cuties.

Some weekends can be extremely productive. Others can be a disappointment in regards to the activities you may involve yourself in. Saturday, we made the wise choice of skipping the annual Wine Festival, but ended up at Smartmouth for Growler Power Hour ($10 off all growler fills). That still wouldn't have been a bad idea, however, we continued our shenenagins until the early hours of the morning. For as poorly as Sunday could have been, I actually remained moving - and crafting - the entire day. Managed to bake a cake AND make lunch for the entire week. I may not be 22 anymore, but it sure pays to be able to drink like one ;)

Smartmouth unveiled its Outta Your Gourd pumpkin ale. It's a must-try!

What a full day of crafting actually looks like, a big giant mess.

Spent Saturday morning with my favorite antique lady, Leigh Greer. You have to check out The Pilot's article on her beautiful shop!

Chili, in which every condiment in the fridge was used.

Spice Cake Box Mix + 1 Can Pumpkin + Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting = Bomb Diggity