Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Newest Nephew!

Now that the new little peanut is almost a month, I guess I should post some pictures! Nathaniel Scott was born on March 10th at 8:02 a.m. He immediately resembled his very handsome brother, but I'm already seeing a completely different character I'm completely in love with!

After our first visit, Mike and I decide Nathan has his uncle's large hands. Which will be useful for football, basketball and all those other sports he'll play...especially since the doctors said he's in the 99th percentile in height!

We have been luckily enough to visit a couple times and help out with Thomas' bath and bedtime, although we definitely have some more practice runs before we're ready :). Uncle Mike was even able to find Baby Einstein on his phone to entertain Thomas while the rest of the adults ate dinner. Resourceful, right?

It won't be long before this little nugget is walking, running and talking! Auntie Ashley can't wait!