Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore is one place I've never explored. It was on my 92 Days of Summer List a couple years back but never got crossed off. I had had the opportunity to go a few weeks ago when my friend Tara had a Groupon that was running out soon. Lucky me, I scored a day with her horseback riding, enjoying the local pub and a little thrifting as well.

We started our morning at Pfeiffer Riding Stables for an hour-long horse ride. The farm is family-run (but originally from Michigan, have to love those Midwesterners!) and the owner's son actually guided our tour. The guides were fun and super friendly and the trails were beautiful. My horse, Edgar, had a thing for Tara's horse and liked to rub his face on him and crowd their space. Maybe a little inpatient and nosy like his rider? Ha.

After the trails, we found our way to Kelly's Gingernut Pub. At first I thought it was just "The Gingernut Pub," which reminded me like something out of Harry Potter and was excited to check it out. Come to find out, the restaurant is an old bank from 1907 and you can actually dine in the original bank vault (can you say Gringotts??), walk up the spiral staircase to the loft (Ron's House) and lots of local beers are on tap (i.e. Butterbeer). Enough with the Potter obsession, it was ridiculously cute and the fish tacos were fantastic.

The Eastern Shore is littered with antique stores, flea markets, farmer's markets and markets of complete randomness. This trip we only hit up a couple, but my new favorite is R & T Nautical. Yes, there was a trailer completely full to the ceiling with clothes and a back warehouse room, which was clearly being used as someone's bedroom.... But I scored seven vases, including milk glass, for $7! Next time we drive over there, we're starting early at the flea markets and bringing a bigger car.