Monday, April 21, 2014

Wedding Beginnings!

It's already been one month since Mike asked me to marry him! I always imagined my blog would be full of wedding planning blogs with photos of colors and dresses, I've realized there are some things that are just better kept a surprise!

One thing we won't keep a surprise is the date, which we officially set tonight...New Year's Eve 2014!

Along with the venue...The Woman's Club of Norfolk.

And a photographer! The very talented DCPG.

DCPG took photos of Doug and Lizzie's wedding that just blew me away. I was hooked ever since!

Everyone wants to know how we decided on NYE and honestly, I threw it out there the night Mike proposed and it just kinda stuck. It works well with schedules, our friends and family love the idea and what a great night for celebrating. Plus, our anniversaries will always be easy to remember :) We've been able to secure the venue until 1 a.m. so we'll be celebrating our marriage and a bright new year with 120 (yes, guest list is also complete) of our closest friends and family - what more could you ask for?

The wedding planning has begun!