Sunday, May 4, 2014

Self Portrait: April

As I've been diving more and more in the land of felt flowers, I've realized I might have found my calling. Now, let's be honest. The world is not in demand of a felt florist. By any means. And really, my calling is graphic design because I'm pretty good at it, and can actually make a living from it. But recently, I feel immense peace when I'm creating these little babies. Twice in the past week I've had conversations with people about how I should start meditating for various reasons (which I've tried, but sitting still and being quiet?). But after another evening crafting away at these flowers, I think this may be the best form of reflection and relaxation for me. Or perhaps I just really enjoy playing with my growing collection of beautiful wool felt? Regardless of the reason, I'm pretty excited for my new-found hobby and hope it brings just as much joy to those receiving them as it does for me making them!

Thanks to Kristen at Kitsch for the pretty photo! It was taken during our Mother's Day Pop Up Shop in their Craft Studio.