Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: The Date

This could be us...I thought as I perused Pinterest for "NYE Weddings"

Pretty much the first question you get is "have you set a date?!" At first I just wanted to enjoy the moment and the immense happiness. But reality set it, and venues book fast. We wanted to work around few things, a cousin's Spring 2015 wedding in Hilton Head, my sister's seasonal schedule, the lifestyles of 75% of our guests who would be coming in from out of town and a date that just fit us. Fall 2014 was out, because Mike prohibited any wedding dates that would conflict with college football - and it was just too soon. Spring 2015 was out because I don't particularly enjoy the Spring and my family would already be traveling to South Carolina for a wedding. Summer just gets so stinking hot (and pricey) here and Fall 2015 was too long to wait.

The night we got engaged I threw out, "What about New Year's Eve?"

And this is what Pinterest suggested for the holiday wedding

With design and themes in mind, I knew I didn't want the white, gold, glittery, black tie, type of affair for our wedding. Nor a Wintery White Wonderland. Could I still have my romantic, vintage, chic wedding, on New Year's Eve?

And the ideas for Wintery White thank you!

As we started to share the idea, we got a few raised eyebrows. "Will it really feel like a wedding...on New Year's Eve?" "New Year's 2014!? It's on a Wednesday!" "It'll be so cold!" Someone actually told me that was the worst day of the year to get married on. But, once we check with family and would-be members of the bridal party, excitement for the unique date started to grow. When I saw Mike's best friend Hayden, and his wife Melissa for the first time after the proposal (Hayden was hugging me and Melissa was jumping up and down with my ring finger in hand), Melissa told me, "You pick the date that makes you guys the happiest and the people that matter and love you will absolutely be there."

So that was that. December 31, 2014 would be our wedding date. Nine months and counting.

Of course there are all the other silly reasons I've given people:
... I wanted to be married before I turned 30 ... I don't like odd numbers and wanted to be married in an even year ... We'll always have a party for our anniversary ... There will always be fireworks on our anniversary ... It's cost effective (which it didn't really matter in the end) ... We love throwing a good party ... He'll never forget our wedding date ...