Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays

That's right. Every Wednesday I'm going to be posting details from the wedding from the invitations to the venue, the caterers to the shoes. I had planned on doing this while we were actually planning the wedding, but reality hit me square in the forehead and there was just no time. Plus, what fun would it be if you knew all about the wedding before it happened?!

Super touching photo of my Momma giving her welcome toast. Photo by Glass Gardens

Polaroids of the whole night? Yes please! Photo by Adrienne Grove

Today, one week into this marriage thing, I'm simply posting a few of my favorite photos of the wedding so far. And to those of you wondering, yes, it does feel different. Even though Mike and I have been together six and a half years, own a house and credit cards together, saying our vows and promising our lives together in front of our family and friends has brought us even closer to one another, in a way I didn't imagine possible. I'm looking forward to reliving all the fun of planning our big day in the next couple months...hope you do too!

Maybe one of the bigger surprises of the night ... my dad
and sister playing Auld Lang Syne at Midnight. Photo by Allison Gansel

To get more of a sneak peak, search for #newmarseve on Facebook and Instagram.