Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sneak Peak!

Sorting through the 11 boxes of cabinets.

It's been forever since I did a post about our kitchen project, hasn't it? This "little" project we started in September is finally coming to a close and it's been quite the learning adventure. For starters, nothing went according to plan. We have all the components I originally wanted (i.e. cabinets, a sink, a faucet, etc.), but the cabinets are the only thing that remained the same.

Of course the gas line had to be refigured a bit
because of the length of the cabinets.
We ran into a lot of road blocks along the way. Everything from the cabinets being too long (I ordered the wrong size), to buying all new crown molding, delayed delivery of appliances, moving gas lines, electrical lines and a leaky drain (only for a day though).

Nasty stove, wall, floor...We even found a nasty Bud Ice bottle in the wall!

Reading the instructions after the initial install didn't work.
That's how it's suppose to be done, right?

Trying to fix the bowed counterop and gluing the sink in place.  

Installing the tile back splash and range hood - which almost went in crooked!

However through (Barney's) blood, (Mike's) sweat and (my) tears we are nearing the finish line. With all the extra steps and trials we've still remained under budget (which was between $5,000 and $6,000) and we still can sell the old appliances and extra cabinet we have. Barney is coming over tonight to help us with the grout for the tile and other finishing touches. We've got a really lovely kitchen with lots more storage space and a nice upgrade to the apartment.