Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Felt Flower: Christmas Collection

I know a certain someone who has already claimed this first Christmas Bouquet. She's made a pretty good trade offer and if the bouquet doesn't sell this weekend, I will just have to take her up on it. This was the second bouquet I made and it makes me want snow and hot chocolate and my living room to be lit up with Christmas lights (pretty impressive a few felt flowers can do all of that, right?). I used a variety of materials for this bouquet, including vintage buttons, burlap, 1950s tinsel garland, pinecones and yarn. Just makes you feel like turning on some Bing Crosby and snuggling by the fire, right?

For this bouquet, I experimented with some satin fabric I had left over from this dress (which I still have not worn). Turn out to be a nice and lovely addition to the felt. I used lace for the accent pieces and centers of the smaller flowers.  

Some of my flower arrangements are inspired by massive amounts of felt I never use, i.e. greys, blues and purples. You'll never find grey flowers in the real world, but here they look plain pretty! I placed the bouquet in a maple syrup bottle we got for a housewarming present, so you might just get a whiff of that sweet, delicious smell with your bouquet.