Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Felt Flowers Have Arrived!

The cat's out of the bag! I'm officially making felt flowers, boutonnieres and bouquets. It's something I've always wanted to try and after my successful attempt at the brooches, I figured, why not?! At first, the process was very tedious and, to be honest, a little frustrating. After of a weekend of practicing, trying different wires and strategies, I think I've got a hang of this.

This first bouquet was modeled after one I received on Sunday. Sonia brought me the lovely flowers (right) when the family came over for dinner. As I sat down Monday night thinking of what to make, I looked at the fresh bouquet and decided I would make those.

This would be a great idea for brides who do the traditional 'bouquet toss' at their reception. Instead of having an extra bouquet made, you could have one of these made, and it's also a great memento to the receiver.

The sunflowers are probably my favorite so far. I just love the big, bold presence of them, and they look great on a plain stem without even putting them into a bouquet.

The JMU Flowers...One thing that's difficult for me is not seeing team colors when I'm arranging the flowers. Is that weird? I think it is. Regardless, of your team allegiance, the purple and gold bouquet is quite a statement piece and would be pretty addition to any room.

This is the miniature variation of the Autumn bouquet, consisting of 7 flowers, instead of 13 (not including the leafy garnish). The mini bouquets would make great table centerpieces or lovely accents to a buffet or mantle. As you can see, I've been quite obsessed with this new crafty outlet... I'll be posting more throughout the day, including Christmas and Spring Collections :)