Sunday, March 6, 2016

Raw Materials

stems, sprigs, foliage or "garnish" and I think I'll start calling it.

I'm participating in the #MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram challenge and today's theme is raw materials. My collection of materials has become pretty extensive over the years, since I've pretty much tried every craft project under the sun. But, I'm pretty proud of it.

buttons galore! aren't they beautiful?

Years ago estate sales and flea markets became my number one shopping choice. I scored loads of vintage buttons and fabrics. I once found the mother load of antique silk and paper flowers, along with rare and expensive branches and other foliage at an estate sale just down the road. I still have ribbon and bias tape from my grandmother (and friends' grandmothers), and lots of other special findings that make fairview place creations truly one of a kind.

all the bases to my accessories.

Now it's not to say I still use Michaels and other craft stores for some materials, but it's mostly for the brooch backs, elastic, and other accessory bases. I really strive to make sure no two pieces are ever alike - unless of course that is what is wanted :)

ribbon, bias tape and feathers for brooches and the twine for wrapping the bouquets.

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek at the materials I use. Follow along as I post all month for the #MeetTheMakerChallenge over here.

and last, wool felt of course!