Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY: Paper Garland

It was my sister's birthday was two weeks ago and since I couldn't throw her a little party (or buy her an iced coffee at a Mr. Yims in Bangkok like I did last year for her special day), I included some handmade paper garland in her package. Makes up for it, right?

Anyway, this super easy DIY project took about 10 minutes and would add a little flair to any mantle or door frame. All you need is a magazine (I used "W"), scissors, a CD and a sewing machine. Simple trace the CD in several pages of the magazine. Cut out the circles. Place two together and sew straight down the middle. Repeat until you've used all your circles, hang up and separate the circles to give the garland a 3-D effect. You can cater your garland to any taste just by changing up the magazine - or kind of paper.