Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY: Vintage Inspired Headbands


I've seen these 1920's inspired headpieces popping up everywhere! I saw a cute one at Hancocks the other day and it was $15, which is waaaaay more than I would ever spend on something like that. So I came home and did a little search on Etsy and apparently I was looking at a steal. While the ones above are beautiful and unique, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a $160 headpiece (not even for my wedding!).

After my New Year's dress didn't work out I decided to just go in all black (surprise, surprise) but top off the outfit with one of these nifty headbands. It was SO simple and didn't cost me a penny. Even if you were starting from scratch, you could probably make this for less than $4).

What you need:
Felt, fabric, thin ribbon or wide lace (or both), feathers, pipe cleaners,
One plastic headband (the Dollar Tree sells them in packs of six for $1)
A button
A needle and thread

What you do:
1. Start, by cutting a 3" circle out of the felt, this will be your base. Then cut out some petals in the felt and fabric. My petals are about 2" long and 2" wide.

2. Lay the circle down, add glue and one of your feathers. Layer the fabric petals, add glue. Cut strands of the thin ribbon (anywhere from 4" to 10"). Place these sporadically on your flower and add glue.

3. Add the layer of felt petals and add glue.

4. Now, cut five 10" strands of the wide lace and make loops, with the ends in the center. Add some more glue, another feather and some shorter strands of the thin ribbon.
4. Almost done! Cut a small 1" circle out of the felt. Place your button on top, headband on the bottom and sew it all together.
5. Place in your fancy hairdo and hit the streets!