Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Package Project

A couple months back I signed up for Cupcake Couture's Package Project. Cupcake Couture is a fantastically awesome blog with great tutorials for jewelry, packaging, stationary and more. The blog owner, Nadia, is a designer of custom-made jewelry, web sites, blogs - you name it, she does it. She started this package project and all you need is a blog and a little ambition.

The various randoms I sent to Tarryn, everything from lace paper lanterns,
stickers to fake mustaches - and a few dissolving toys for her kids. 

I signed up for the project and my partner assigned to me is Tarryn from South Africa. She has a little side business called Lun@tic which specializes in kid's clothing and accessories. I put together a hodge-podge of hand made Fairview Place items, craft supplies, trinkets (including fake mustaches :) and candy canes to boot!

I just got my package from Tarryn in the mail and am so excited to share the contents with you. First off, I was SO happy to see my package all wrapped up with a tape measure. Somehow I lost mine, so I was delighted to this one!

She also gave me a locally-made pin, a journal and adorable tea towels. This project was so much fun to participate in. It's free to join the project and you're encourage to post photos on Flickr. I've loved perusing through all the handmade and locally bought items, not to mention all the unique ways to wrap, twist, tie and package all the goodies.