Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday Cooking Class

Our work surface

Thanks to Groupon and some friends, I spend my Sunday afternoon at a New Mexico cooking class. You might ask what this is (as did I), but simply, it's just very traditional Mexican food. Everything is made from scratch and from the best ingredients out there. The class was held at Sabor Express in Virginia Beach. It's a quaint little place which opened last Fall and is owned and operated by "Butterfly" (everyone gets Indian names upon starting the class, mine was Creative Blue, haha).

Frying the Indian Frybread

The class was fun and informative. We made delicious Indian Tacos with traditional frybread. You get all kinds of leftovers to take home, coupons for other classes and all the recipes for the yummy food you make that day. Butterfly offers all kinds of classes based on what the clientel wants - but are only on Sundays....the rest of the week she is open for dinner. Click here for the menu. I'd definitely recommend the class for something different to do...it beats laying on the couch all Sunday :)

Our Indian Tacos