Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Fashion Photographs

Three unnamed photographs, I would die for that hat
and coat combo on the right!

I came across this fantastic collection of fashion photographs from the early 1900s while perusing the Library of Congress and had to share. The entire set contains more than 60 images from 1900 to 1918, showing off the latest trends, mostly from Paris.

(left) Premet Tailor suit by J.M. Gidding or inspiration for Tim Burton?
(right) Shop girl in L.A. modeling a "sheath gown" with rubber boots = sassy lady!

(top left) Collat evening gown, which I would totally wear now!
(top right) Poiret model for "Gimbels" a NY department store
(bottom left) Debutante Summer evening gown by Jenny, isn't that a little warm for the Summer?
(bottom right) M'lle de Joire gown, seriously what's up with that hand?

(left) Pacquin Race Gown, love that umbrella!
(right) Quilted silk on chiffon with gold thread, and yet another dress I would wear now :)