Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays: Before and After

Today's updo comes from many inspirations...Me wanting a jewelry box, Emily's suggestion of making over a tea box into a jewelry box, Pinterest, and finding the right pieces at the thrift store. I already had the teal paint (from the buffet table), paint brushes, sand paper and nails, so I only spent $19 in materials:

$1.98 - spice box (top left)
$4.98 - jewelry box (top right)
$5 - spray paint
$5 - varnish
$4 - box of 50 cup hooks

The process was pretty easy for both and could be finished within two days (allowing for drying times). I made the mistake and bought the hooks in the small packages, but word to the wise: always buy in bulk!


You can find both of the jewelry boxes over at Fairview Place, and if you're local inquire about free shipping!