Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kitchen Updo Part 1

Our cluttered, cluster of a kitchen...

Our apartment is such a great little space with exposed brick, hardwood floors, wooden beams across the ceiling, but the kitchen just sticks out like a sore thumb (above). It's dark, the cabinets are falling apart and storage is abysmal. On a whim, we asked our landlady/friend if we could update our kitchen. To our surprise, she said yes! She's always wanted to do it, but never had the time. We used the fact that Mike's dad is a contractor as leverage and knew he'd help us get the ball rolling and even some great deals on materials.

off-white cabinets with finished wood counter tops.
the photo on the top left is actually dyed cement with a wood stamp!

My first task was to generate some ideas of what we wanted to do with the space. We have a 7.5' wall to work with (the other side is the refrigerator and stacking washer/dryer), so options are limited. I knew we had to do cabinets to the ceiling (which are 8.6' - not normal), a new stove, countertops, a deeper sink and we have to get that microwave off the counter.

bronze hardware and faucet with a pullout sprayer.
"biscuit" sink and glass tile - only $5.98 psf.

I never thought of myself as a white-cabinet kind of girl, but I'm in love with these looks. Especially with the wooden counter tops. Plus, the light cabinets will help to brighten up the tiny space. I want to accent the cabinets with bronze hardware, a glass tile back splash and a "biscuit" colored acrylic sink.

some nice storage options. although i'm not sure our tea cups are cute enough to display!

Since storage is the biggest issue in our kitchen (and the apartment in general), we're going to have to get creative. The taller cabinets will definitely help, but with the additions of a drawer cutting board, under-the-cabinet hooks and a hanging drying rack, it'll definitely help. I showed the designs to our landlady and she really likes the direction I'm heading. Next, we have to take measurements and get estimates. Stay tuned!