Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Better Block Project

You may have read my post last month about the Norfolk Arts District, the newest downtown renovation project. Recently, a group called the Better Block picked Norfolk, specifically the proposed Arts District, as its next stop. The group "temporarily re-engineers and re-programs streets into complete ones. Over a weekend our team and local residents, property owners, and volunteers create a demonstration of a vibrant block."

The start of this exciting phase is this Saturday, March 9 at 9:30 a.m. There will be another walkaround the area to visualize the areas and talk about what is needed. You can check out all the details for Saturday's event and sign up to volunteer for Team Better Block (which will be in April) right here. In the meantime, I've rounded up a few ideas I'd love to see happen with the area.

food trucks, of course.

moss beatle
  Make a life-sized Chia Pet!

painted crosswalks

herb garden

boxpark shoreditch
 First-ever pop-up mall in East London. They used shipping containers (which Norfolk has plenty of) to make a retail establishment. Slightly reminds me of being in Thailand.

comb bike rack

pallet path
Love the idea of a walking path, although I think these would need to be dug into the ground...seems like a bit of a hazard to me! Plus, then we could have all sorts of plants grow up around and through them.

left, right
 The art on the left is by Richard Haas, and is a great idea to trick the eye. The mural on the left is from Massilon, Ohio (represent!), and shows what the Ohio and Eerie Canals look like directly behind the wall.   

bus stop
We've got plenty of bus stops - and a whole Greyhound Station - on Granby St. Why not make a rooftop garden from one?

shipping pallet swings
 How cute are those? And every district needs a swing set and playground!

left, right

Inexpensive wall art and homemade moss graffiti! Yes please!