Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Musebles

I drove a lot this weekend. 172.6 miles to be exact. And where did I go? No where in particular and specifically, everywhere. Saturday morning we attended the Better Block community walk, which was pretty much like the walk-about the Norfolk Arts District did a few weeks back....the turnout was great! A few of the Kitsch girls were there and we spoke briefly about working together for a business popup for the weekend of April 12th - which is AWESOME! We're getting the details worked out, so there isn't too much to report just yet. It did make the rest of my weekend very busy with looking for display pieces and extra arts and crafts supplies. I thought I'd share some of my finds and potential purchases here!

Vintage cardboard cutting mat. Thinking I could use it for bolts to wrap fabric around.

New antique shop on Granby Street I visited for the first time.
VERY reasonable prices and the merch is in pretty good shape.

The Store for Stores in Norfolk, a place everyone should go at least once!
These card and paper racks ranged from $40 to $100.

More from The Store for Stores. The bin shelf is only $67 and comes with the bins! Now only if I had buttons to fill all those bins... I like the idea of the picnic table shelving unit, it would take up a lot of space!

At Urban Castaways in Ghent. I'd love to hang fabric from vintage pants hangers from the metal birdbath on the left.

A vintage wooden drying rack...another way to display fabric or paper.
Hoping I can get someone (i.e. Barney) to make this for me!

Crafting time at Grow Interactive

I ended the weekend at the 7 Cities Crafters meeting, which is held monthly at Grow Interactive on Granby Street. I had two firsts here: first time attending a meeting and first time at Grow. Whoa, totally love both! And totally want to have an office space like this one day!