Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just What's Going On

M Studio has a great setup. Clean, easy, display makes it look like they have a lot of product...which is exactly what I need.

I realized that I have mentioned the Norfolk Arts District and the Better Block here on the blog, but I haven't really described my role in the projects. The Better Block is a revitalization project aimed at improving an area of a city that has a lot of potential. This area happens to be one block of Granby street, from Olney to Addison. 

Have lots of vintage ribbon and lace to sell, could use this format.
DIY display using tin trays, hot glue and candle sticks. Painted your desired color.

The week leading up to the event is used to clean up, paint, add art, make pop-up businesses and plan a weekend that shows the community what the district could be with help from the area businesses, landlords, tenants and general public. At the Better Block meeting earlier this month I was asked to help Kitsch and Glass Gardens in their retail pop-up for the weekend of April 12th. Our pop-up will be a mix of handmade retail, re-purposed terrariums, workshops and demos, a craft lounge and a locally-owned craft supplies store - i.e. Fairview Place.

Glass Ball Jars and bakeware to hold pencils, crayons, glue and markers.

Lots of paint brushes in old clay jars.

You can imagine I was elated for this news, and also a little apprehensive about how this whole project would come together. I have a decent amount of vintage and gently used craft supplies I've been hoarding over the years, but enough for a pop-up to show the community!? With the help of Pinterest and the estate sales I've been mentioning, my display actually is coming together very well.

Wire baskets full of fabric scraps. May do this, on a smaller scale.

Ribbon board, might be better for a "gift-wrapping station."

Tiered muffin or cupcake plates to display balls of yarn.

I plan on having a small sampling of a variety of crafty items. Thread, fabric, zippers, needles, embroidery floss, papers, ribbon, lace, yarn, needles, scissors and much more! The Better Block is still three weeks away, but there's no doubt in my mind it will be here before we know it. I'm looking forward to meeting with my fellow pop-up tenants this week to discuss more details of our Craft Lounge and start mapping out our plan of attack. Wish me luck!