Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

The tease of a photo my Mom texted me while in the store.

In a far away land called Amish Country (Berlin, Ohio), there's a place called Zinck's. It's a family-owned fabric and textile wholesale heaven, that I'm not sure I should even be sharing! My mom and I would travel the hour and half to this craft mecca to score some awesome deals. When I explained the Better Block project to my Mom, we both agreed I needed a Zinck's to help supply by pop-up.

Being the awesome Mom she is, her and my stepdad took a trip down to Amish Country one Saturday and perused the 17,000 sf warehouse for items for Fairview Place. From the photos she sent and pictures I saw on their website, it's definitely changed so much since the last time I was there. The duo spent an hour gathering up random items from my wanted: craft items list.

I was lucky enough to get a care package full of crafty goodness in the mail just a few days later! Everything from lace to buttons, pom poms to interfacing. I've already put most of the stuff to a good home in my Fairview Place pop-up pile....and what makes this so thrifty is that it was a "donation to the cause." Gotta love that :)

In a side note, I was explaining Amish Country to Mike - the buggys and homemade cheese, meats and awesome restaurants and shops. He's totally agreed to go with me the next time we're home, so I see a visit to Zinck's in my future! Woot woot!