Sunday, July 12, 2015

Felt Corsage

Corsages remind me high school dances. It was that final accessory that completed the look and however silly it may have been, I loved getting them. While I those floral bracelets adhered to the bulletin board in my childhood room until just a few years ago, I completely forgot all about corsages until a few months ago. They are starting to make a major comeback in the wedding industry, and not just in the wrist variety.

Bridesmaids are now wearing them on their ankles (beachy brides are also sporting the ankle adornment) and arms, I am seriously loving the idea. Don't get me wrong, I love the traditional bouquets, it's what my bridesmaids carried. But you get about an hours worth of time out of them and then sometimes they catch fire at the reception (that's a story for another day). With the corsages, the bridal party gets to sport the pretty creation all night. Naturally, I wanted to test out the felt alternative and am just looking for an event to wear one of these lovelies to!

Have a special event coming up that a felt corsage would be perfect for? Custom orders are always welcomed! At least one week is needed to prepare, prices start at $14.

#85: Felt Corsage

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