Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Felt Flower Inspiration

Most people don't realize that so many of my flowers and bouquets are inspired by real flowers and photos. I love flipping through the pages of my wedding magazine stash and bringing those images to life - through felt. Sometimes it's the specific type of flowers, the combination of colors or the positioning, but it is already stunning, why recreate the wheel. I suppose I'm already doing that by handcrafting the flowers.

One of the headpieces in a recent post was inspired by an absolutely remarkable blog called botanical brouhaha. If you love flowers, or just anything pretty, this is a must-bookmark blog. Additionally, the remembrance bouquet from my wedding (made from my grandmother's wedding dress, above) was inspired from an arrangement I found on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with. One time at a craft show, I had a had a woman ask me if I could recreate her bridal bouquet from a photograph. Then added "that'd be a great anniversary gift from my husband!" BINGO! Nothing would make me happier than to preserve memories of weddings, childhood moments or special events through felt flowers.

#3 Inspiration Photos

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