Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beautiful Day for a Walk in a Cemetery

It's February 21, the sun is shinning and it reached 67 degrees outside! So, I rushed to get my work finished this morning and headed out for the afternoon. I hit up a new thrift store in Portsmouth (it was terrific), then headed over to the Oak Grove Cemetery near Olde Towne.

A man who died in 1905 is still getting
flowers on grave? Must have been a good man!

Loved the branches growing from within this mausoleum.

I used to drive pass this place every day on my way to work, but have never actually been in. So after about 12 minutes of trying to find the entrance, I made my way to the oldest section I could find.

Turns out the original cemetery was called Portlock, which is the back "walk" section of the plot. The newer section is called Oak Grove Cemetery and is referred to as the "avenues."

The oldest date I found was a "born: 1836" but apparently the oldest inscription is 1833. Pretty amazing right? I love how much history is right here in my backyard.

Too many littles there, don't you think?

Have to love this afternoon sun.