Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY Drawstring Bags

The big exciting news this week? I will officially be selling Fairview Place goods locally! One item you'll be able to find at Kitsch (opening at the end of the month) are my fabric scrap memory games. Now, I'm not going to tell you the master-mind plan behind making these games (mostly because you could figure it out within 30 seconds), but I will show you how to create a five-minute drawstring bag.

Even though my memory games come in these (above) cute little plastic noodle boxes I wanted to create a little bag for the entire game to be store in (or taken in Mom's purse). All the sets come with 26 pieces (13 pairs), so they have to be a pretty good size. I started with a piece of scrap material about 9" x 6".

Next you fold under the left and right edges and sew down. Fold under the top edge twice to create a casing for your drawstring. Pin down, then sew. With right sides together, sew outer edges and bottom (in one stitch). Turn right side out.

To create the drawstring, tie a piece of yarn (ribbon, lace, fabric, etc) to a safety pin. Feed the pin through the casing you created and pull 3 to 4" of extra yarn through, then cut (make sure the bag is entirely flat, not gathered, or you won't have enough drawstring). Tie the two yarn ends together and pull together. Your bag is finished!

Check out all my different sets which will be for sale at Kitsch in a few weeks!