Friday, April 20, 2012

Conquer and Divide

That's my cereal bowl and tea cup from this morning,
I'm not a slob, I promise!

So it's Friday and the start to a very fantastic three weeks! Tomorrow is the long-awaited baby shower for Kelly Jo (pictures to come next week) and everything is coming together quite nicely. Wednesday we leave for our New Orleans trip (I'm bursting at the seams with excitement). Then, two days after we return, I'm going home to Ohio for 11 days to visit family and friends (September was the last time I was home).

First and foremost, I have to conquer this Friday. Picking up my veggies from the CSA is first, then tackling purging, cleaning and re-organizing this office (closet) is next. Why you ask? I just ordered a brand spanking new computer! 21.5" of Mac goodness is coming to Fairview Place next week, so I have to get ready for it. What's on the agenda for your Friday?