Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY Baby Shower Invites

The invites were so simple and could be used for any event. I had coupons for both the envelopes and cardstock so the invites, direction cards and menu cards cost about $6 to make (made a total of 14 each).

What you need:
6"x6" cardstock pad - 24 sheets (with patterns on the back and front)
photo paper, various card stock
glue stick

What you do (invites):
1. Cut the base of the invite to be 4.5"x6". Cut 1"x6" strips from the scraps. Coordinate your strips with your invite base so the colors pop against one another. Glue together.
2. I designed the center part of the invite with three different fonts, and colors I pulled from the cardstock. I printed them on photo paper and glue it to the cardstock. Slip inside the envelope with a direction card (if needed) and send away!

What you do (menu cards):
We decided to have a set menu for lunch to make it easier on the kitchen staff. We picked three lunch options. I used the design from the invite to create the menu. Printed it, glued it onto the random colored cardstock I already had. I added the color strips and circles to the cards to tie it all in.