Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Tag Blanket

Last month, Kelly Jo and I made a tag blanket for her cousin Heidi. I must say, it came out so cute - and the fabric was too adorable - we had to make one for Thomas. In less than $14 we were able to make this blanket (which easily go for $30 at a local store), not bad right? Just another treasure to add to Thomas' pile of goodies!

What you need:
Two different fabrics, one super soft, fuzzy kind and one flannel
Ribbon - the bigger variety, the better
Sewing machine, scissors and pins

What you do:
1. Cut each of the fabric pieces into squares. Mine measure 28"x28" but you can do whatever you feel is right for your baby.
2. Cut your ribbons into strips of varying length, I cut anywhere from 5" to 8" (again, do whatever you feel would be best for the baby).

3. Lay the first fabric right side up and spread out your ribbons along three sides (I kept one side free of ribbons, this way if the baby uses it as a blanket, he won't have ribbons in his face :) of the fabric. Evenly space the ribbons and judge the color combos, textures and lengths of the ribbons. Once you have them they way you like, pin in place with the loops of the ribbon facing inward.

4. Place your second piece of fabric (right side down) and pin all the layers together.
5. Sew altogether leaving a gap in the side without ribbons. Turn right side out, iron and use your machine (or slip stitch) to sew the hole closed.