Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekend in the Woods


Time for our annual camping weekend to the Shenandoah. This year we had a total of nine hikers, including my seester and her friend! 


We tried out a new cabin (and location), which I'm totally in love with. The cabin was originally built and used in the 1920s by conservationists who starting making all the trails. Do you see this view? It would never get old. And right on the Appalachian Trail!

We survived the more-than-10-mile hike (originally sold to us as a nine-mile hike) to see a waterfall, a cemetery, dilapidated cabins and a true rock scramble (never meant to doubt you, John).

It's tradition to have a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread, however this year, John added tofu sausage to mix things up a bit. I took the Mama role by running the fire and dishing out dinner.