Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween-inspired Goods

I'm actually ahead of the game this October... My costume is 60% done (post to come on that next week). Plans for camping, Winefest, W&M Homecoming and our Halloween party are in order. AND I have my Halloween items already at Kitsch!

I sent five packs of greeting cards made from an old 1960s Zombie book. The book was actually taken by my sister's high school boyfriend in 90s and never returned. It's traveled around with me for ages and when I looked through it last month I realized half of the pages had been torn or ripped out. So, why not continue the process and make some sweet Halloween greeting cards.

I found the stamps at Michaels and AC Moore for $1 each. Now I need to keep my eyes out for Christmas and Chanukah versions.

From my stash of Halloween material I made some orange and green memory games. I dropped two sets off at Kitsch and have one online... Get them while you can, these are the only ones for this year!

The memory game pieces are approximately 2.5" squares, there 11 pairs and come with a little drawstring bag for easy storage.