Friday, May 11, 2012

ABCs of Alliance

Once upon a time I read an article in a magazine that did the ABCs of Ann Arbor. I thought it was such a great and fun idea, I had to borrow the idea and try to do the same for Alliance (where I grew up). Those of you from Alliance, probably know that Alliance doesn't have loads to offer in the form of restaurants, shopping, entertainment or...much of anything. So, this was quite a challenging task.

A is for the American Legion. You can find this ancient building on 141 West Main Street in downtown Alliance. I promise you they have the best black-and-white-checkered-floor bar you might ever see.

B is for Burger Hut. This was the place to be after a winning softball game. The ice cream is amazing and the fat waffle fries are to die for! 

C is for the notorious Crystal Lounge. It's notorious for being one of the shadiest places in all of Alliance. 

D is for DeHoff's. Nice little nursery with tons of beautiful flowers.

E is for E&C Books, which unfortunately has closed after a neighborhood fire (hence the missing "E and") caused too much damage to reopen. The cutest and only bookstore in Alliance carried new and used books at remarkable prices.

F is for the Firehouse Theater. Established in 1960, the theater is the location of the Carnation City Players. It's a right of passage for any Alliance native to see a play in this old firehouse. 

G is for Glamorgan Castle. Built in 1904, this landmark only cost $400,000.

H is for Hillcrest Market. I've never actually stepped foot into this market (although I did have tagday outside one year for softball), but their meat is the best in town. Apparently now they have baked goods and wine! What's not to love? 

I is for Iowa Avenue. I have no idea what happens out here.

J is for Jupiter Studios, which seems to be taking Alliance by storm. An independently owned art and music venue, the place is always hopping with creative minds, ideas and sounds. Just what Alliance needs! 

K is for Korosy's Korner (I can't believe it's still open). We used to get penny candy here when we were little. Now I suppose I need to visit to buy some lottery tickets. 

L is for the old Lamborn Building. Read this post to find out more :) 

M is for Manhattan Cleaners. The only dry cleaners in Alliance, I think?

N is for North Lincoln Elementary School. It closed up it's doors several years back, but has reopened as an adult education center.

O is for Oxford Street.

P is for Pet Connection, where everyone buys their pets. From newts to mice, cats to fish, we've had it all and this was the place to get it. I remember back in the day, when it was on Union, across the street from Buds....the good ol' days... 

Q is for Queensbury Road. A street that begins with the letter Q. 

R is for Rodman Public Library. Possibly the best exhibit of art deco Alliance has. It's a beautiful building, with an amazing collection of books (and don't forget the branch in our mall, ha). 

S is for Silver Park, where I think I spend a third of my childhood. Carnation Days in the Park, fireworks, softball games, Earth Day, Haunted Hayrides, you name it, I celebrated it in this park. 

T is for the amazing This and That Outlet. Really, it fits its name. You'll find buttons, candles, balloons and weird glass items there. Probably a clay purse with bird feathers coming out of it as well. 

U is for the (now named) University of Mount Union. Until recently it was just a college, but this 14-time Stag Bowl winner, has just graduated to the big leagues. 

V is for Victorio's. The best pizza ever. Enough said. 

W is for West Beech Cemetery. A cemetery located on West Beech. 

X is for the Railroad Crossing at Union Avenue and Perry Street.

Y is for the YWCA.

Z is for Zwick's. Where my parents bought their countertops and kitchen floors more than 20 years ago (and we still have them!).