Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Digital Inspiration Board

Since I'm home an unable to post my typical monthly inspiration board, I  decided to make a digital board of small home hopes of finishing up the organization and redesigning of my office/kitchen.

(click for original web site) Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, Better Homes and Gardens, Health and the BLT Boys

I can't get enough of these closet offices! The teal office is a little a little much, but it makes great use of the small space. I love the forest wallpaper from BH&G, although I would need a bit more storage space than three shelves. The BLT Boys storage would be perfect, but just a tad more desk space would be ideal.

The Wren Design

Decorating clipboards with contact paper, maybe the new inspiration board? The bright orange lamp is also delightful.

Apartment Therapy, Better Homes and Gardens

I really like the idea of working from a high chair, it gives you plenty of "under the desk" storage or making use of a bookshelf for legs of the desk. Both offer tons of light (not an option in my office space) and nice storage.

The Inspired Room

The walls around my grandpa's workbench were covered in pegboard and I thought it was always a little ugly...but throw some paint on it and lots of pegs for crafting goodies and it's artwork in itself. The board is inexpensive and pretty lightweight, so it won't be nuisance to buy or hang.

Shades of Light
I think I'll dye my old Ikea rug instead of buying new, the yellow color is amazing! Stay tuned for photos of the updated office later this month!