Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Baby Mobile

I feel like I've become the Queen of Baby Crafts, ha. One project inspires the next and the possibilities become endless. Plus, with all the babies (coming) in our lives, it only seems right to have lots of goodies ready :). My latest project is a baby mobile. I've been wanting to try one of these for a while and although this is a bit of a crude attempt, I'm learning quite a lot about the process.

I'll give you the bare bones of this project, as I'd like to eventually turn this into another Fairview Place custom order item. And, honestly, I'm still working out the kinks so this process isn't full proof quite yet!

What you'll need:
a wooden wreath
embroidery floss, buttons, needles, thread

What you do:
Cut out your bird. Embroider an eye and designs onto the wings. Sew up your bird (including the ribbon into the top of the bird) and stuff with fiberfil. Repeat six times.

Attach the ribbon to the wreath with a button. Cut leaves from varying green colors and sew onto the ribbon. Tie the twine into big circles in three places on the wreath. With some extra twine, create a loop a the very top to hang the mobile (I'm still working on adjusting the heights of the twine so it hangs straight...).