Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random Thoughts

Saturday marked one year since my return from Thailand, my adventure of a lifetime. On Saturday we also returned home from our New Orleans trip. To me it seems a little uncanny. One exact year a part, I'm returning from two entirely different trips reflecting on life, culture and the next chapter. Our flight home wasn't fully devoted to New Orleans thoughts, but to the whirlwind of the entire year since my return.

A lot has happened in just 365 days. I started my own freelance business. I moved in with the love of my life. I created Fairview Place and participated in my first craft show. I completed a Summer to-do list of 92 not-easy-to-do items. I traveled A LOT: Boston, Portland, Williamsburg, Charlotte (twice), Alliance, New Orleans and Phoenix (dang!). I had pink eye for the first time. I began selling my handmade goods locally and am meeting some awesome people in the process. I'm becoming an Aunt (four weeks to go!).  And, experiencing life to its fullest.

So what is the point? I guess the point is, I'm proud of myself and I'm excited to say it. No, I'm not rich (by ANY means). I'm not famous. I'm not enormously successful. But I'm happy. And healthy. And excited to see what each day brings me, just like I was in Thailand. That was one thing about my overseas adventure I never wanted to lose, the excitement for life. And looking back on all the things I've accomplished and seen in the past year proves I haven't lost it, and in fact, have relished in.

Here's to another year of living life to its fullest.