Monday, May 28, 2012

The Big Reveal!

I participated in the Send Something Good project hosted by Gentri Lee, Kaitlyn Patience and Kristy. It's been great getting perusing through all the different musings of like-minded bloggers. The blogger I sent Something Good to was Amy from Amy Is Thinking. I learned she loves her puppies (which are too cute for words), gardening, love, Sudokus, making lists, letters, future traveling ideas and Pinterest :)

So I got her a Sudoku book, some little (locally made) doggy soap and toothbrush, some seeds for her garden, a few Fairview Place goods (earrings, scarf and travel-themed greeting cards), a handwritten letter and some little notebooks for her nightly to-do lists.

I wrapped up everything in magazine pages and sent the package on its merry way.

After three weeks of traveling I came home to this lovely box from Punky at Punky and the City. The box itself is too cute!

She really hit the nail on the head with all the goodies she sent me, including: postcards and a little souvenir from Ventura (where she lives), a super cute necklace she made herself, a little wool pouch, felt stickers, a vintage tea kettle (currently on the mantle) and some yummy tea. Oh, and some pretzel m&ms, which were gone before I could take their photos :)

I loved participating in this project and finding, reading and exploring so many interesting people's blog, lifestyles, creations and experiences. Cheers to the Send Something Good Project!