Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A few from NOLA

Finally getting around to posting a few of my favorites from our trip to New Orleans. Hard to believe that was almost two weeks ago... I will say, I absolutely fell in love with the city almost immediately. From the evening debauchery to the gorgeous mansions, the mouth-watering food to the enchanted cemeteries, this was one place I was really sad to leave. But, thankfully I had a great travel partner who followed every street and trolley I said to make my trip so great. So finally, the photos!

The one and only.

Behind St. Louis Cathedral

Cathedral from the front.

Yes, this one will due.

Looks like someone made their grand escape.

School for the rich kids.

Dinner at Cochon, my mouth is still watering.

Lovely church, built in 1875

The secret is the take-out window in the back...

Can you believe he's been putting up with me for four years?