Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Earlier this week I started on a new collection of greeting cards for Kitsch. When I opened my stack of cards I realized all the envelopes were water stained and wrinkled! I didn't want to have to run out to return them (and less than 20 envelopes were effected) so I decided to make my own envelopes to go with my cards.

You can use my template above for a card 3.75"x6" or follow these super easy instructions to make your own envelopes of any size. I may start doing this for all my cards!

Take a piece of cardstock, scrapbook paper, page from a magazine or newspaper. Make sure your design isn't too busy so you the postmaster can still read the address. Lay your desired card in the center and trace light around the edges.

On the top and bottom, draw a line 1" from your card edge. I angled the sides a bit.

On the right side, draw a vertical line half the width of your card away. So, if your card is 4" wide, draw a line 2" away. On the left side, draw a vertical line half the width of your card + 1" the line would be 3" away. Starting to make sense? Again, I angled the sides a bit.

Now, cut out along your lines and fold: 1) the right side, 2) the left side (with some glue on the edge), 3) the bottom (with glue), 4) insert your card, add a line of glue and secure shut.