Saturday, June 16, 2012

#30: Throw a Party

Honestly, this wasn't the kind of party I was expecting to throw. Maybe a holiday progressive like we did a few years back or a 4th of July party (which we could still do). But my girlfriends talked me into a Slumber Party. Nevertheless, I hosted this party and all 12 girls (quite the event for our tiny apartment) had a blast!

I made spinach dip, creamy feta dip and black bean dip (recipes coming soon, I promise!). I made this awesome veggie hummus tart and had lots of vegetables and carbs for dipping. I needed to keep the "heavy h'orderves" easy since we were also expecting a baby and a hospital run at any moment (don't worry, not from me, Mike's sister-in-law). Lisa also made delicious Oreo cake.

I also used some old flower vases (which are rarely used as such) as snack decanters. I filled them with banana chips and cranberries, peanuts and pretzels. It's a more hygenic – and cuter – way to present a party mix, thanks Martha. I asked everyone to bring a bottle of wine to share and also made some sun tea with mint ice cubes.

As for the actual content of party, host one yourself and find out! These aren't the typical "toy parties" you watch in the movies, I promise. I mean, it was fun and we spent the entire time laughing and joking, but it's also pretty educational and very entertaining.

So, a party has been thrown! #30 is off the list.

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