Thursday, June 28, 2012

#44) Freebie: Thrifty Thursdays

Inspired for the 100 degree temperatures (or cactus temps as Mike and I call them) coming this weekend, I created a shirt from just two materials I had in my stockpile of crafting goods. You can make this shirt or dress in less than 15 minutes, or both in less than a half hour. Go ahead, try it, I dare you! I'm also going to count this for a freebie on my 92 Days of Summer list I'm (slowly) conquering.

What you'll need:
Elastic (mine was 1/2" wide)
about a yard of fabric (more or less depending on your size)
sewing machine

What you do:
1. To figure out the size to cut your fabric, first measure around your chest, right below your armpits. Add 10-15" to that number It's a big gap because some might like their shirt tighter and some might like it to have more pleats, it's up to you. So, my fabric measured about 38"x25". (Although, if you're making the dress, you'll add more like 15"+ so the dress will fit over your hips.)
2. With right sides together sew the two short sides together, creating your back seam.
3. Create a hem at the top of the shirt, making sure your elastic will fit through the casing you're creating. Sew down, leaving an 1" gap to insert the elastic.
4. To feed the elastic through the casing, attach a safety pin at one end, until it comes out the other end. You can pre-cut the elastic (the measure you took below the armpits, minus 3" or so), or you can put the top on and cut to what feels right to you. Sew the two elastic ends together.
5. Hem the bottom of the shirt and you're finished!

 The pattern as a dress!
Gathered with a belt from Forever 21.

 I'm tackling the second annual 92 Days of Summer list.
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