Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays

I saw these adorable little earrings on Etsy and thought about the gobs of bias tape I have collected throughout the years. Then I thought, what an easy and inexpensive DIY for today! This project cost me absolutely nothing, but even if you had to buy everything you'd probably spend about $6 and have 40 pairs of earrings (of the same color since bias tape comes in 2-yards of one hue).

You'll need some bias tape, a hot glue gun, earring studs and backs. The yellow and white tape is vintage - from my Grandmother. And the teal is from a package project I did back in January and is from South Africa!

The steps are easy. 1) Cut two strands of bias tape 4-6 inches long (depending on how thick your tape is and how big you want your earrings). 2) Tie a knot at one end. 3) Put some glue on the tape and wrap around in any direction. 4). Hot glue the earring studs onto the back of the earring.

And voila! You have less than 10 minutes!