Monday, August 13, 2012

#21: Downtown Suffolk

In the five years I've lived in Virginia I was in Suffolk once, for the Peanut Festival. While that was actually a lot of fun, I had always heard great things about the historical downtown. On Saturday Mike and I headed decided to journey out to Suffolk. The farmer's market and walking about the town were quickly vetoed as the skies opened and downpoured for a solid 45 minutes. We got a little sidetracked, but ended up at Rio Grand Traders, a very fantastical house/workshop/display of anything iron.

We must have spent forever perusing though the various rooms of tin roosters, wrought iron doors, windows and frames and birdhouses of every shape and size. In the back, we found a woodshop where the owner is remodeling an old-school camper with a super modern look. He had a tiki bar off his deck and a garage set up like a sock-hop. I felt like I was in Key West and in the movie Grease at the same time. We loved checking out the (very) out-of-the-way shop, but adored all the artwork (#85) and furniture and would highly recommend the joint to anyone looking for some super unique gifts!

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