Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#37: Tienda Jessy's

We had planned to go golfing (#91) after work last night. Unfortunately, the course was being aerated and then it decided to pour down rain. Instead we drove around the neighborhood a while, admiring all the houses and then we headed over to Tienda Jessy's. I'm not sure how I even heard of this place or why I even added to the list to begin with, but I'm SO happy we went (way) out of our way to try it.

Honestly, it's a total dive. It's attached to a little ethnic grocery store, the room was filled with a thick grease cloud and they were playing the entire Soundgarden CD. But, it was amazing. The place was packed, the food was delicious and the people were so kind.

I tried the veggie sopes and tostada. Mike got a huge plate of meat, haha. I loved how fresh all the food was (even if half of it was fried). The sauces were pretty spicy, but excellent and they even served Coca-Cola products in the old school glass bottles...who does that anymore?

I definitely have to give this place two thumbs up. Until next time, Jessy.

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